Sunday, October 9, 2016

It's been a long time... UNDYING - DEMO 1999

Man... where does the time fly? It's been almost 5 years since an update. A lot has changed in my life...but lets reflect for a moment...
When I was younger, I was a music sponge. Hardcore music engulfed my life and every aspect of it. From the people I knew and became lifelong friends with. To the way I portrayed myself to society. From ages 14 to was/still is an influential part of my life. Its influence drives my a lot of opinions, and even places I visit.
In 1999 I saw a band called undying. This would forever change my standards of a vocalist's performance... and 5 years later influence myself with own band Taste The Steel... Crazy to think after all these years, I never heard their demo tape until recently. I remember many times playing their EP on repeat over and over again. So for me to hear these tracks puts me back to being an excited 16 year old kid. Two of these tracks I have never even heard before so I was beyond excited to hear them. I want to share these with you.


1. For Liberation
2. Fire Of Life
3. Paradise Lost
4. Veil Of Humanity