Thursday, February 2, 2012

Back from the dead... RED SKY - Monster Squad

It's always amazing to me how much you are connected to other people just based on the fact that you were once into or are still into people screaming into microphones and throwing their bodies around without any regard. This little thing we have called hardcore has once again amazed me. I stopped into a local audio shop tonight called Custom Audio in Erie, from a tip that they might have 45 adapters for my records. Alas they did not but I gained much more than expected. After bull shitting with the guy working there, I mentioned that I've been collecting records since I was around 14 years old. Mostly hardcore/metal stuff. The Gentleman working there named Ken was also into hardcore at one point in his life, We discussed, Snapcase records, EYEHATEGOD shooting up in the back of IQ records, the Continental Ballroom shooting, and old Erie Memories. I Come to find out we know the same people but have never met.
Ken and I continue to talk and he pulls out aburnt copy of the unreleased RED SKY ep that never saw the light of day. If you are unfamiliar with RED SKY you can check out an earlier blog post here. I was floored. I remember hearing a track back in 2002 (I think off but that was it. Being the RED SKY fan-boy that I am, he let me get a copy of the ep which I now share with you! It always feels good to lift something from the grave and give it new life. So here you are in all it's glory...the "Monster Squad" EP. Many many many thanks goes out to Ken Mason over at Custom Audio for providing me the CD-R and the memories!

PS I'm looking for Knife Behind the Smile on LP if anyone's got one and they would like to part with it. Hit me up at