Sunday, September 12, 2010


Like I said before I would upload DA REAL DEAL for whoever requested it and here it all is. The DEMO, and the 2 split 7"s. I've always been into 90's east coast hardcore and anything back ta basics. DA REAL DEAL, was a hardcore band from NEW JERSEY in the mid nineties,

Playing all around the tri state area, with bands like burnside, dysphoria, krutch and others. I had heard about DA REAL DEAL through back ta basics records.... once again rick ta life, showing me tons of bands I would have never heard of.

This was the time of no internet, and I lived 7 hours from any of the shows happening in the general SEPA/NJ area. also being 15 and not having a car didn't help. So information on bands just kinda trickled through word of mouth. So just so this doesn't get lost to the sands of time here is all their stuff for you


Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Self Decay was a short lived hardcore band from Poughkeepsie NY featuring one of my favorite drummers in hardcore Rigg Ross. I had stumbled upon them through the Hardcore Pride Webring (Remember those?) At the time Ross had already recorded satisfaction which was constant rotation for me. He was also in skarhead, ragmen and madball for anyone thats keeping score.
It wasn't until years later that I picked up"Beneath the lies" which was released on Kevones record label TIME-SERVED RECORDS, which had put out setback, terrorzone, One4One, Denied and bulldoze. "Beneath the lies" is a six song EP that is straight up east coast hardcore. Punchy and tight drums has always been my thing, and this is full of it. The EP even features a guest track from Dan ONE4ONE.