Tuesday, December 22, 2009

First Post....back fresh

So I'm changing formats here. I've limited myself with keystone hardcore to strictly Pennsylvania bands. But I realized after doing so that there is so much more that I want to showcase. I also realized that sendspace deleted files very quickly. So I'm re uploading the first demo I put on keystone hardcore which is the freight train demo.

Living in the northwest corner Pennsylvania has its ups and downs... A lot of bands crept through because of being located in such a prime spot between Cleveland and Buffalo. So bands traveling or booking tours off Interstate 90 always tried shooting for an off date in Erie. Especially years ago when we had numerous spots all over the city when I first started coming up. IQ records, Continental Ballroom, Ace Auctioneers, Bay county, Perry highway hose co. etc. Erie was the powerhouse of the area in the 90's. But this first posting is actually about a band from the opposite corner of my glorious state, that to my knowledge never got up in this area. Freight Train was a hardcore band based out Philadelphia. PA was (and is still)widely known for great bands, great people and wild shows. Freight Train doesn't disappoint. I originally had this demo on Tape which I had gotten along with another philly bands demo called Kensington. Unfortunatly the tape had no artwork, only the printed words FREIGHT TRAIN on it. It wasnt untill about 7 years later that my friend AJ was in Philadelphia scowering record stores, that he stumbled upon this CD version of the same demo that I had mixed in a dollar bin. He knew I was into the band so he picked it for me and actually surprised me with it. I was beyond stoked, because well my tape was pretty worn and old, and if I played it one more time I think the tape itself would have snapped. I was also elated because I now had artwork and a REAL tracklisting. I had originally ripped my demo tape to mp3 and uploaded it to an FTP & FSERV on IRC that I used to run years ago... IRC...THE REAL DEAL!
Ask my man steve "pollcat" pollman about that one if you ever run into him around Delaware at a show. Anyways I never got to see freight train, but in my years of tape trading came across a small set from a reunion show at harrykats a few years ago. Back to the matter at hand. The demo is great. 5 songs of classic Philadelphia hardcore. I can only imagine the wild dancing that was brought for this band

Hope you enjoy the demo as much I do!